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The Wihan Quartet is committed to the education and encouragement of young musicians.

They were Quartet-in-Residence at Trinity College of Music, London and taught at both the Senior and Junior level.

For several years the Quartet has coached on both the Pro Corda Senior Summer Course and Musical Encounters for young professional ensembles. They have also given master classes at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, at the University of Bangor and at St. Georges Bristol. They are sought after as teachers by many of the young quartets in the UK today..

The quartet members are inspiring teachers and hugely popular with students of all ages. This cannot be expressed better than in the Pro Corda newsletter after their first visit to Leiston, Suffolk in August 2003:

“There are musicians and musicians, String Quartets and String Quartets! The Wihan is by all accounts one of those Quartets that was made in Heaven. The Wihans' performances linger in the memory and their coaching inspires players of all ages. It was a sheer delight to share ten days of a Senior Course with an ensemble of this calibre.”

When in the UK, The Wihan Quartet work regularly for the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust, giving concerts in schools to help develop a love of chamber music amongst young people.

Leoš Čepický and Michal Kaňka teach at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. ( https://hamu.cz/en )

Jakub Čepický and Jan Schulmeister also teach at Conservatories. Jakub teaches in Pardubice
(https://www.konzervatorpardubice.eu/) and Jan in Kroměříž.( https://konzkm.cz. )